The non-science of Fringe

I’m not quite sure how Fringe passed under my radar for so long – the second season is almost upon us, and I have only just started watching the first. Like many geeks of my generation, I was exposed to The X-Files at an impressionable age and Fringe is therefore quite the nostalgia trip.

Unfortunately, I won’t have a huge amount to write about as the show seems to contains very little actual science. While it (so far) doesn’t seem to be quite as bad as a cosmetics commercial, it’s also operating so far beyond the “fringe” of empirical science that Popular Mechanics have set up a regular debunking. They have the resources to do a far better job than me, so I’ll limit my comments to stray observations and the occasional explanation of actual concepts that sneak in. I don’t intend to completely destroy the show, but I will point out where the sheer suspension of disbelief gets in the way of the story.


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