The non-science of Fringe: Jacksonville

Fringe: Season 2: Episode 15: “Jacksonville”

Peter loses a contact lens.

Peter loses a contact lens.

After weeks of apparent inactivity, the much-warned-of reality collision begins! Olivia dredges up some long-forgotten abilities to save the day, and stumbles upon Walter’s Big Secret™. The usual medical impossibilities and plot deficiencies aside (which are reported on better elsewhere), this episode contained very little worth commenting on. Check back soon!

This episode is debunked at Popular Mechanics and Polite Dissent, and you can read more about it at Fox, IMDb and the A.V. Club.

Random thoughts

A small comet may indeed cause a tectonic event, but it would also kick up so much dirt and dust that there would have been a thick haze over the entire city. A small meteorite would have been a much more likely supposition.

If the search for Newton is so crucial, where is Nina with her CCTV-scanning “priority one grid search”?


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