The science of Breaking Bad: Crawl Space

Breaking Bad | Season 4 | Episode 11 | “Crawl Space”

After twenty years, Gus confronts Tio (Hector) with the results of his actions.

After twenty years, Gus confronts Tio (Hector) with the results of his actions.

Events spin rapidly out of control this week, destroying a wide swath of pristine plot expectations.

You can read more about this episode at AMC, IMDb and the A.V. Club.

Random thoughts

The equipment in the field hospital is (obviously) all medical, but we do see a peristaltic pump being used during Gus’s blood transfusion. These devices are widely used in the applied sciences to move fluids around, and we usually had a couple lying around in the laboratory.

I’m not sure whether Walt was deliberately trying to mislead Tyrus by misweighing his container of meth, or whether he made a genuine mistake (both are plausible).

Jesse is allergic to erythromycin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Elements in the credits

Breaking Bromine
Bad Barium
Created Chromium
Bryan Cranston Bromine
AnNa Gunn Sodium
AAron Paul Argon
DeaN Norris Nitrogen
Betsy Brandt Beryllium
RJ MitTe Tellurium
BOb Odenkirk Oxygen
Giancarlo Esposito Einsteinium
JonAthan Banks Astatine
MArk Margolis Argon
ChristopHer Cousins Helium
Emily RiOs Osmium
Bill Burr Bismuth
JB Blanc Boron
Skip MAcdonald Actinium
Mark FreeboRn Radon
MiChael Slovis Carbon
Dave Porter Polonium
Sharon Bialy Sulfur
Sherry Thomas Thorium
BrYan Cranston Yttrium
Diane MerCer Cerium
Moira Walley-Beckett Molybdenum
Thomas SchnAuz Gold
George Mastras Germanium
PeTer Gould Tellurium
Sam Catlin Calcium
Melissa Bernstein Beryllium
MicHelle MacLaren Helium
Mark JOhnson Oxygen
StewArt A. Lyons Argon
GeorGe Mastras Germanium
SAm Catlin Americium
Scott WiNant Sodium
Vince Gilligan Vanadium

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