The science of Breaking Bad: Felina

Breaking Bad | Season 5 | Episode 16 | “Felina”

Walt and his baby blue part ways.

Walt and his baby blue part ways.

After six years, Breaking Bad is finally over – a Shakespearean tragedy in five acts and one of the defining television shows of modern times. There’s little I can say below that hasn’t been covered elsewhere, though Walt probably summed it up best with his simple “It’s over.”

This episode is reviewed at Emilia Jordan and the A.V. Club, and you can read more about it at AMC and IMDb.

Random thoughts

Walt’s auto-gun (referred to as “Satan’s windshield wiper” in the script) seems to be largely composed of an automatic garage door opener (do they beep in real life?) and a couple of ratchets. There’s some sort of duct-taped lever to press and hold the trigger down; presumably the gun can be auto-set to full automatic.

Plenty of callbacks to the pilot episode over the past few episodes, from Walt’s trousers to the chemical mask he took from the school laboratory.

Elements in the credits

Breaking Bromine
Bad Barium
Created Chromium
Bryan Cranston Bromine
AnNa Gunn Sodium
AAron Paul Argon
DeaN Norris Nitrogen
Betsy Brandt Beryllium
RJ MitTe Tellurium
BOb Odenkirk Oxygen
Laura Fraser Francium
JEsse Plemons Einsteinium
Matt JoNes Neon
Charles Baker Barium
Michael Bowen Boron
Kevin Rankin Radium
Adam GOdley Oxygen
Jessica Hecht Helium
Skip MAcDonald Actinium
Kelley Dixon Potassium
Chris McCaleb Calcium
Mark FreeboRn Radon
ArthUr Albert Uranium
MiChael Slovis Carbon
Dave Porter Polonium
Sharon Bialy Sulfur
Sherry Thomas Thorium
BrYan Cranston Yttrium
DiaNe Mercer Neon
Moira Walley-Beckett Molybdenum
Thomas SchnAuz Gold
George Mastras Germanium
PeTer Gould Tellurium
Sam Catlin Calcium
Melissa Bernstein Beryllium
MicHelle MacLaren Helium
Mark JOhnson Oxygen
StewArt A. Lyons Argon
Vince Gilligan Vanadium

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