The non-science of Fringe: The End of All Things

Fringe | Season 4 | Episode 14 | “The End of All Things”

Olivia takes Mr. Jones's test again.

Olivia takes Mr. Jones’s test again.

Peter gets an update from September and tracks down Olivia, while Mr. Jones stays one step ahead again. A fun episode but, in line with the show’s more sci-fi-y direction, actual science-light.

This episode is debunked at Polite Dissent and Cordial Deconstruction, and you can read more about it at Fox, IMDb and the A.V. Club.

Random thoughts

Peter’s recovery of images from the memory card in Olivia’s apartment is just about plausible, depending on how much time elapsed between the installation of the camera and the recovery of the card (assuming that the entire card is overwritten hourly – though the amount of use this could be to a surveillance operation is questionable). There isn’t a magnetic “memory” as there is with magnetic storage, but the differences between the way solid-state drives physically store information and the way access to it is managed can create “ghost” copies.

Nice shot Olivia, but I would have expected you to shoot the Universe-crossing equipment. Sure, it could have ripped a hole between realities but that sort of thing hasn’t stopped you before.

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